Saturday, November 24, 2018

5 Easy Ways to Entertain Your Baby

As a mother of 3, some things come very naturally to me. Like changing diapers, playing barbies, picking up toys, & whipping my boob out to feed my baby. Ya know, normal everyday stuff. Other things, like THINKING CLEARLY, do not. Hashtag Am I Right, hashtag Mom Brain. So it actually did not surprise me that mom bloggers must compile a list of ways to keep our offspring entertained because when push comes to shove, we simply cannot think of such things on our own. Here we go:

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1. Wear them
Wearing clean clothes is hard enough I know, but there's many benefits to wearing a baby.
- hides your clothes for the most part
- frees up your hands
- entertains baby!

At any age, your baby will love to watch everything you do, but this is especially perfect for newborns. Bryson is, in my loving opinion, too friggin' heavy to wear anymore. He's nearly 10 months old & 23 lbs, NO THANKS. But when I would wear him, it was great. This was the carrier we had (pictured) & it was my fave out of the 3 I had for each baby.
Wearing Bryson bonded us more because we were in such close contact, he was kept warm, sometimes that's when he'd nap the longest, & simple things like chopping food or folding laundry kept him stimulated. Especially if I was explaining everything like the colors, the taste, rubbing different clothing on him for some sensory exercise. I highly recommend doing this, it's so awesome to watch their little eyes light up while they're processing all this new info.

2. Keep It Simple
Don't forget that simple things like peek-a-boo, patty cake, & singing are all new for your baby, & do a good job at stimulating them. The app "The Wonder Weeks" is really helpful in explaining their "leaps" aka how your baby is developing, the attributing behaviors, & the best ways to help them learn. Right now, Bryson is beginning his 7th leap where he will learn the sequence of things! Your baby may only need tummy time right now, or your baby may be ready for story time. There's nothing wrong with setting out some Tupperware & plastic spoons to let them explore with, too! Use what ya got!

3.. Sensory Bottles
These are perfect little bottles of play that'll keep most babies occupied for a while! I just made these:
Bryson loves them! The best part is I got everything from Dollar Tree so they were extremely affordable to make. With them being so cheap to create, the possibilities are really endless. I plan on making him themed ones for major holidays, as well as color-themed ones!

4. Bath Time
Bryson absolutely loves bath time, especially now that he has learned what smacking the water will do: SPLASH! & lucky for us mommies, being in water is enough entertainment in itself, no matter the age! But to make it extra entertaining, try adding these Crayola Color Dropz to make the water a cool color. Even babies will be amazed! Throw in some of this bubble bath from Honest (& plastic measuring cups for older babies to play with). Play music from your phone!

5. Go for a Walk
This will be good for both of you, as there's nothing like fresh air. Your baby will love the view of the sky, clouds, birds. They'll get to feel the different sensations of being outside: warm or chilly weather, sunshine or easy breezes, etc. All of this is very entertaining for a baby & works their little brains. Even sitting on the grass waving flowers or leaves around, exposes them to new things.

Just keep in mind that all this stimulation will also tire baby out. Do one thing at a time so baby isn't overwhelmed & you find what works in keeping them happy & entertained :)

What other ways do you entertain your baby & how old are they?
Tell me in the comments!

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