Friday, July 13, 2018

My Pretty Women's Watch from JORD

So recently I realized that as a mom, I feel like I've lost my sense of style. Maybe I never had any, but I do miss dressing myself in outfits I thought were cute and accessorizing them. Recently, I was gifted a JORD watch out of their new Cora series and it sparked my need to accessorize all over again. Since being inspired by the watch..
I've purchased headbands and hair scarves, as well as more earrings, nail polishes and rings! I've also been on the hunt for a particular hat and one of those cute woven handbags.

Lol I wasn't joking, I loved this watch so much. Wearing it really lit that fire again.
Here's 3 reasons why I love it:

1) Lightweight: Wearing it doesn't annoy me which is awesome because that is a big turn off for me. Accessories that are uncomfortable to wear or feel too heavy make me not want to accessorize at all honestly. Since it's made of wood, it's super light and flexible, making ideal for me as a busy mom of 3 little ones.

2) Practical: Some watches are made for glitz and glam, others for ruggedness and sports. This watch was made for ME. LOL Jk but in all seriousness, it's the perfect blend of earth and femininity. The wood band really hones in on the natural effect and even smells piney. It does its job and tells me the time, with an added BONUS: it is NOT battery operated. So I'll never have to worry about sending it in for a new battery because ain't nobody got time for that. Not to mention, JORD also provides FREE SIZING. So the watch fit perfectly right out of the box.

3) Design: I HAVE to talk about the design of this watch because it is so unique and so PRETTY *insert heart eyes*. The face is rose-colored, which really matches well with the zebrawood band. & get this..the markers are actually swarovski crystals. All my fellow rose gold lovers, this watch is the next best addition to the accessory collection. Or watch collection, which I may need to start.

What I'm most excited about is JORD was generous enough to allow me to host a $100 giveaway for my lovely friends who like these watches as much as I do.
Enter the giveaway here (It takes less than 30 seconds, PROMISE) and browse around the site to see which piece you'll want to use your winnings on :)

Winner will be drawn on July 29, 2018 and contacted directly. All other entrants will receive a 10% discount code anyway, so we all win one way or another :)

Comment below which piece caught your eye on the site, I'd love see<3

Wooden Wrist Watch

8 comments on "My Pretty Women's Watch from JORD"
  1. I don't normally wear a watch, but this one is so pretty! My husband loves his Jord. I guess I'll have to get one too!

    1. they’re actually very comfy too! let me know if you enter the giveaway & find something you likeđź’•

  2. These watches are so pretty! I will go check out the giveaway.

    1. they really are, they have some other really cute pieces too. good luck on the giveaway & thanks for participating! xo

  3. This one is really pretty. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. It really is nice looking! I agree I’m not all glitz & glam either but I think it’s subtle style!

    1. yes, much more practical than i expected! thanks for reading❤️


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