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How To Survive an Airplane Flight with Baby

Back in October 2014, my husband & I were still living in California. We decided to go up to Washington state to visit his family & have them finally meet Brooklyn. She was 5 months old at the time, so I was absolutely LOSING MY SH*T about taking her on a plane for almost 4 hours. But, it ended up being for nothing because she did GREAT. She didn't cry once & I have to partially give myself credit for that because I. was. preeepared.

*My next post will be about preparing for a ROAD TRIP with baby. Definitely don't wanna miss that one haha! * 

Remember to be extra patient on travel day. Baby has no idea what's going on & might behave differently due to over-stimulation or stress. Lots of cuddles & snuggles for the little one(s), mama!
Here's what I did to be ready for the flight:

Everyone needs a good night's sleep, period. But more so when you have a big thing going on the next day. Depending what time your flight is, go to bed early or make sure to get in a decent nap before hand. Make sure baby gets their nap as well. You might think keeping them up until the flight is a good idea, with the assumption that they'll sleep through the flight. This might work, but it might also make your boarding experience a hellish one. If baby naps before, you can get on the plane, into your seats, and await take off IN PEACE. Depending on the age of your baby, they may nap again during the flight. But I had to keep Brookie entertained. Enter: food.

2. EAT
Making sure everyone is fed before the flight will make all the difference. No one needs to be hangry while trying to get to their seats, ESPECIALLY an infant. We got to the airport early, ate, and I breastfed Brooklyn the rest of the time until it was time to board. Once we were seated, she naturally wanted to inspect everything around us so that was fine. It wasn't until halfway to Seattle that I had to nurse her again, where she fell asleep the rest of the way. When we boarded the second plane from Sea-Tac to Yakima, she got a little restless so I busted out the trusty Gerber snacks for the win. Which brings us to...

Hubby & I could snack on whatever we wanted pretty much but since Brookie was only 5 months old with zero teeth, snacks for her were slim. Our go-to were the Gerber Little Biscuits, aside from the quick slugs-of-the-jug. She loved to gnaw on them & seemed to enjoy the flavor as well. Obviously pick age-appropriate snacks for your little one & if baby is bottlefed, take extra bottles & breastmilk/formula in your diaper bag. These Gerber snacks dissolve easily & she could mush them with her little gums. Not to mention they're the perfect size for her little chubby hands to handle. She also just liked smacking them around on the tray. Snack & entertainment in one. Stock up.

This will be personal preference & dependent on baby's age. We took rattles & a compact mirror that she was already fond of at home. Taking their favorite toys or blanky will automatically comfort them & make this new experience easier for them to adjust to. We also took 2 little books because she loved turning the pages. She watched some early learning videos on hubby's phone, too. In between those things, we played patty cake, peek-a-boo, & she looked out the window :) It was simple because she was small, but with older kids you can always take tablets with downloaded programs for offline viewing (more on this in my road trip post!) , play "I-spy", etc.
On the flight into Yakima! :)

I can't stress this enough lol. Do not try to tackle this traveling thing in full-glam. I wore leggings, a stretchy long-sleeve, & some Nike athletic shoes. My hair was already short so I didn't do anything with that lol. This is especially important if you're a breastfeeding mama! Wear something that will make the tatas easily accessible. This is the PRIME OPPORTUNITY to "WAKE UP LIKE DIS". Dress baby comfortably as well. Pajamas work great, or just leggings, t-shirt, & a light jacket. You don't need to fight with your shirt while baby is fussing to be fed. Dress smart. It's just one less thing for you to stress about during your flight :)

These may seem like common sense to some, but traveling is stressful. Especially for a parent. Packing is stressful, period. Hopefully this little list helps organize you a bit & make your trip a little less hectic.

If you've flown with baby before, what other tips can you offer a newbie traveling mom?

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