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Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom - No Scams, No Sales

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for a year and a half now and it has been quite the adjustment. I went from making good money for myself as a massage therapist, to relying solely on my husband’s income. I believe this is difficult for any independent, working woman. WE DON'T NEED NO MAN! jk jk I love my husband. But you get what I mean..Here's how I did it...
Taking care of my kids full time & maintaining a home is awesome & an accomplishment all in itself, but I wanted to find something else to help me feel productive. I wanted to contribute financially to our home, and be able to buy myself a little something here & there. 
I searched high & low for remote jobs but I didn’t qualify for most. I tried MLM, and that was not for me. I would get discouraged for a few days, then search again. I couldn’t give up, I wanted to contribute so badly, even though my husband reassured me that I didn't need to. Finally, all the searching paid off..

I’ve been making a decent amount of side money since October 2017 using the options below. Some of this work can be done from your phone, or you may need to use a laptop. These may or may not be a good fit for you & you won’t get rich doing these things but you will make enough to pay a bill, put gas in your car, buy diapers, or start a savings. Who knows..maybe this will spark another money-making idea for you! 

The point is I know what it's like to want to be productive but still want to be home with your family, so I just wanna help my fellow mamas out. Here we go: 

If you're a blogger like me, you have a thing for writing. This will be right up your alley. TextBroker is my biggest form of income working at home. TextBroker is a content writing website where companies can go to get their orders, ads, etc. written by freelance authors. You can be an author, an editor (like me) or both! You will be paid per order. The size of your check depends on your quality of writing/editing and how many orders you complete. They pay every week through PayPal, per your request, with a $10 minimum balance. You work when you want, and take on as many orders as you want. I've had no issues with this company and highly recommend them (not sponsored, just a happy freelancer)!

This is a legit survey site I’ve used for a few years now. They're pretty serious about their business and selective with applicants. As a panelist, you get $3 (equivalent to 300 points) a survey, guaranteed. You're also never declined a survey, so no need to "qualify". You can cash out for gift cards or cash, no minimum requirements. If you select the cash option, you are paid through PayPal within a few days. Again, I'm not paid to rave about them, I just really appreciate them as a higher-end, reliable survey site.  

3. Appen
I’m a remote social media ad moderator for this company. This means I review a batch of ads for quality, relevance, appeal and such. I only work 5-7 hours a week in this position but at a decent pay rate per hour (or else I wouldn't be doing it lol) which will vary depending on the job you take. You have to apply fast when they notify you of an opening to snag the position you want & they pay monthly through PayPal. Totally legit & worth it. You can't beat this kind of flexibility.

I’ve just started using this survey site and am still feeling them out. So far so good though! I made $3 almost immediately after signing up & completing a super short survey, & they have so many opportunities to earn. The key to these surveys is patience. Take the time to answer honestly and genuinely to qualify for more :) 

To be more specific, I broke down my earnings for March in this little income report:

-- $112 with Appen
-- $86 with Textbroker
-- $12 with PineCone
-- $0 with Vindale, as I just started using them this month.

That's a total of $210. That’s actually a slow month for me! But it’s real money that I earned and was able to use towards my family! I don't know about you, but this could definitely pay a utility bill, buy baby some diapers or clothes, or replenish your make-up bag. This could work for you even if you’re a stay at home wife, with no kids! Thankfully I am in this position to be home with my kids, but if you aren't, maybe these side jobs can help you make that transition.

(No worries, this is Ben's face is most family pictures we try to take. He's angry at us, not sad lol.)---->

Keep in mind that effort and availability are key here. I have 3 little babes that take up most of my time, so I complete my work with these sites when I can. Your earnings could definitely be more than this if you have the time to be more consistent and dedicated :)

From the looks of it, the month of April will bring in a significantly higher amount, which I plan to just stash in our savings because we will be moving into our new home soon & I wanna splurge on new home decor! ^__^

Do you guys want another income report for April? Which job are you going to try?
Let me know on the comments! Xo!
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  1. Don’t think I’ve come across Appen before. But sounds interesting! I love that sort of simple proofreading stuff since my mind does it already as I’m scrolling. Lol!


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