Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Breastfeed like a Boss! Essentials that helped me last more than a year.

So as a mom of three, this isnt my first rodeo with breastfeeding. I'm pretty much a veteran boob feeder. My first baby, Brooklyn, nursed for 13 months. My second baby, Ben, only nursed for three weeks. My third & newest baby, Bryson, is now actively and exclusively breastfeeding still at 3 months old & I plan to go as long as possible again, at least until a year old.
Looking back, I am very blessed to have breastfed Brooklyn that long. I was lucky in the sense that she latched on great from the first feeding & made it such an enjoyable journey. However, it wasn't always bliss & bonding. I'm here to tell you the good, bad, & ugly of breastfeeding so that YOU CAN SUCCEED & nurse your little babe as long as you both want.
First of all, we need to be realistic. Your nipples are going to hurt like hell that first week or two. Everyone tells you how beautiful breastfeeding is, how close you & your baby become. Both these statements are very true, but no one mentions the physical obstacles you'll have to conquer at the same time. Sore or cracked nipples is one of those obstacles! So much as, they STOP some women from breastfeeding completely. Soreness occurred with all three of my babies, but Bryson was actually successful in slightly cracking one nipple. Don't let this detour you! Something that helped me big time was the nipple cream the hospital gave me. I had never used it with my other babies, but I definitely should have. It works wonders in soothing them AND its safe for babies so you don't need to worry about wiping it off. A little bit goes a long way so it'll last you forever & you can grab some here.
 Another life-saver & less commonly used product are the Lanisoh Gel Soothies. YASSS QUEEN..They do just that - SOOTHE. & INSTANTLY. I received them as a baby shower gift when I was pregnant with Brooklyn & used them like crazy. I swear by 'em. If you don't use anything else for your poor nipples, use these. You can grab them at Walmart or Target but if you're like me & don't like leaving the house with small tornadoes aka kids, in tow, just click here to let Amazon bring them to you. You pop them in the freezer whenever you aren't using them so that they're ready to go.
If you combine both the cream & Soothies after feeding your little angel, that initial soreness will be no problem. Some babies cluster feed at certain developmental stages, which can be exhausting & painful all over again for some women. I know it made my nipples irritated all over again so there i was...rubbing cream on them & slapping ice cold Soothies on to put out the fire.
As I previously mentioned though, that soreness does go away if baby is latched on correctly. Then comes all the sweetness & glory we're talking about :)
There's two other things that I want to mention to make this all that much easier for you. Nursing bras/tanks and a nursing pillow. This pillow is going to support your arms and hold the weight of the baby so that you're both comfortable. It looks like a little shrimp but worked so well for me & Bryson. The bras and tanks simply make the tatas easily accessible, which is perfect for when baby is losing his sh*t & you're about to lose yours trying to get your boob out. These bras were my fave because the material was soooo comfy & the way they supported me was awesome (especially when the ladies were full).
Breastfeeding your baby is so amazing, & if you haven't experienced it yet, you'll see what I mean. Best of luck babes & drop any questions you have in the comments below! Xo.

*This post contains affiliate links. Any item recommended I have used myself. If you decide to make a purchase, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for the support!*
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