Thursday, March 1, 2018

How I Made My First $10 With My Blog

I first started blogging back in May of 2017. I had researched for about a year already, saved everything I could find on Pinterest about income reports & other blogger success stories. Then I decided to finally take the plunge. To make like Nike & just do it. THIS -was the best decision I ever made because no amount of reading about everyone else's success was going to make me successful, nor teach me what I learned from finally launching & making my first income from my blog. My first $10 from my very own blog...

Now, a lot of blogger's earn their income from products they have created that teach other's how to blog. But there are other ways to earn money from your blog as well. You could teach them your hobbies, skills, DIY projects, etc. My post about how to use your receipts to make money is the post that made me my first $10! It was unexpected because I was simply writing about apps that I personally love to use to make some side cash, & I wanted to share that with others. But after abut 3 days of being posted, I realized I had actually made money from that post! It was such an awesome feeling! Here's how I did it: The post that made me my first $10 was partially about the app Ibotta, which is a free app with free sign up, that will pay you money back for certain products/groceries you have purchased.
All you have to do is sign up, select the specified items from your chosen store & upload your receipt to redeem. Once you reach $20, you can cash out for REAL CASH. Not points, not gift cards but real cash that will go to your bank account. Stores include Target, Safeway, Ralph's, Groupon, etc! They also run bonuses each month for adding other's to your "team" through your personal referral link. THIS was how I made my $10. At the time, the bonus was $5 awarded to me for each person that signed up, & an automatic $5 for them! Through my post, two readers signed up for free through my link & TA-DA..$10 was deposited into my Ibotta account!
As you can see from this screenshot, I've made over $100 now using this app, & I'm currently at $6.25. Only $13.75 to go to reach the $20 threshold! If you're diligent with keeping your receipts or shopping according to the products offering rewards on the app, that money back will rack up quick! Share the app with your family & friends so you both reap the rewards!

It might seem like chump change to some but for me, earning that money was so exciting! I made that money by helping others make money from a free app! That's a win in my book.

Ibotta is just one app of many that you can utilize to make some money. You won't get rich from these apps but they do serve their purpose if you're consistent with them! Lots of companies offer referral rewards, you just gotta read through the fine print sometimes! What are some of your favorite apps that save you or pay you money? Talk about those with your readers, show them the value of using your referral, & how you'll both benefit! I learned it wasn't as hard as I thought to make my first few dollars from my blog, & I hope you're motivated now to just dive in to your blog as well.

What are some ways you make side cash? Share the wealth with us!

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