Friday, February 16, 2018

How To Use Your Receipts To Make Money

Imagine a world where those simple, little papers known as 'receipts' could get you some cash back. It'd be awesome right? Welp..daydream no longer, my friend! The day has come where receipts are for more than just returning that shirt that didn't fit you right (shoulda' tried it on, girlfriend). Receipts can actually make you some money back & the best part is, its super. friggin'. easy! Its all done from your handy-dandy phone, through some handy-dandy apps. For my fellow stay-at-home moms out there, this is a great way to contribute to income or just to save some money for that new eyeshadow you want.
I've personally cashed out from each of these apps & I continue to use them today. When you take a look at each one you're going to wonder why you didn't get started sooner! Here we go:

1. Ibotta

Holy crap, this app is good. Its actually my favorite of the four. Basically, Ibotta gives you money back on things you're going to buy or have already purchased. WHAT? Ya, thanks for giving me money back on something I had to buy anyway *insert heart eyes emoji* All you do is select a store, unlock items you have or are going to purchase, & take a pic of your receipt for submission! The amount of cash you receive back varies from $0.05 to $5, depending on the item, but you're credited within 24 hours & can cash out as soon as you reach the $20 minimum balance. They payout through Paypal or Venmo, both of which can be transferred straight to your bank account. ITS REAL CASH. You'll get $10 just for signing up, which you can do here, & you also $5 for anyone you refer. Hashtag WINNING. The app is free & you're basically PAID to sign up. What are you waiting for? :)

2. Receipt Hog

This app made me realize how much I dislike the word "hog", but I do love its purpose. This free app only requires pictures of your receipts to receive "coins" which you can redeem for Paypal (more CASH!), an Amazon gift card, or magazines. I'll be honest, it does take a little while to build up your balance if you're not consistent. But since I've been making sure to save receipts & submit them right away, my "coins" have racked up nicely. I recommend have a special envelope or hanging them on your fridge like I do so you don't forget about them because there IS a 2 week time frame for submitting receipts. They no longer offer a referral program in the U.S. due to a major gain in popularity, but if you live in the UK, look into your settings on the app for your referral code!

3. Shopkick

My third favorite app, but this one takes slightly more work on the user's end. Here's what I mean: there's a few ways to earn "kicks". Turn on your notifications so the app can tell you when you're near a store that offers kicks just for walking in. That's right, you can get kicks just for going into that particular store. The second way is by scanning items while you're in a store. I do this a lot at Target & Walmart. You get kicks just by scanning the bar code. Lastly, submit your receipt of any item you did end up purchasing. THIS gets you major kicks to your account & will help build your balance fast! Currently, you can cash out for gift cards to anywhere from Starbucks to Tiffany & Co to Lowe's. If you really rack up those kicks, you can redeem them for larger prizes like an iPad or, dare I say it, a Vespa! Sign up is free & can be done here. You'll earn 250 kicks for anyone you refer as well! Woohoo!

4. Checkout 51

This is my least favorite app out of the four because it takes me so long to get to the $20 minimum cash out balance. BUT..some money is better than no money & many of you could be way more adamant with this app or the products it offers rewards on. Its pretty much the same principle as the other apps. You select an item, submit a picture of your receipt, & ta-da -- money back :) They don't offer a referral program but it is free to download.

& that's it for now! Who woulda' thought receipts would come in so handy? I hope you all utilize these apps to get some extra money in your pockets! Let me know how you like them!

What are some ways that you make extra cash?

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