Friday, January 4, 2019

Use This Free Goal Planning Worksheet To Reach Your 2019 Goals!


New Years is my favorite holiday. It’s so refreshing & exciting, & gets me pumped to tackle new things!

I often get asked how I even have time to chase my ambitions like blogging, vlogging, reading, etc. Being a sahm to 3 kids is not easy, and neither is finding the time to even set goals. But..i MAKE the time. Creating content for my outlets is something I love to do & it makes me feel both creative & productive. It’s basically a form of “me time”, & as mothers, we all know how “me time” HAS to happen. 

So to answer the question, I get my projects done at night. I have a schedule we stick to (for the most part) & that ensures that my kids are in bed by a certain time. HOW I LIVED BEFORE A SCHEDULE?? I couldn’t tell you. But I can tell you that if you don’t have your little ones on one, get to it ASAP. It’s seriously a game changer
My kids are generally in bed by 9pm & my husband gets home at 11pm. So that gives me 2 hours of absolute alone time to work on whatever I want. I can continue even when my husband gets home but most nights I just wanna hang with him & enjoy our time to talk as adults & not be interrupted 10+ times lol. 

Something that has really helped me stay focused & organized on my goals is: tracker/planner sheets. I haven’t talked about them much but since I enforce them so religiously now, I figured why not share the idea & help anyone who is goal oriented, put it on paper. You can use a planning sheet for anyyyything & the best place to start is with your own goals. Writing your goals down, along with steps, is proven to be the BEST way to take action & accomplish those goals. I also use planner sheets for meal planning, health & weight loss goals, blogging, vlogging, cleaning, I meant it when I said ANYTHING lol. 

Start the new year with a clear vision of your goals, whatever they may be. You can grab this FREE printable goal tracker sheet here to make sure 2019 is your most productive year yet! 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Christmas Bucketlist for Families

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

This is our second December in Washington now. Last year, we were getting settled as we had just moved up from Southern California. I was also 31 weeks pregnant! We had our very FIRST white Christmas & are hoping for the same this year so I can partake in more activities with my little family & focus on making the rest of the year, the best.

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Here are some things to do in December: 

1. Go See Santa

We took care of this at the end of November at Cabela's. We didn't mean for it to happen so early but it ended up going great! We only waited 1 minute in line & got a really good picture, given Ben's temperament for these kinds of things lol.

2. Make Christmas Cookies

3. Watch a Christmas Movie

Now, we all know there's more than one great Christmas movie so..WATCH THEM ALL! Netflix has a ton, & Freeform is doing a great 25 days of Christmas run. Make it memorable by everyone getting in pajamas & snuggled under the same blanket for snuggles. Throw in some popcorn & hot chocolate, & boom--a new tradition :)

4. Go to a Christmas Parade

5. Make a Christmas Countdown Chain

Like back in the grade school days! This is a very simple craft that creates so much excitement :) just cut construction paper into strips, use some glue & link them. They'll learn colors, how a pattern works, & motor skills by cutting & gluing!

6. Make Salt Dough Ornaments

7. Decorate the Tree

OBVI, RIGHT? I know it may seem easier to just do it yourself, but if you can include the kids, do it. It's the little things like this that are so exciting for them. The fact that they get to make the important decision of where an ornament gets to go, does a lot for their independence & decision-making skills. Grab some coffee & patience, & take lots of pictures! It'll mean a lot to everyone to look back on those photos.

8. Hot Cocoa Night

9. Build a Snowman

Do you get snow where you live? If so, this is the perfect late morning/afternoon activity for the family! Grab a snowman kit, get your snow gear on & head out there. Snap a picture with your snowman before someone knocks it over. A snow ball fight is obligatory, as well ;)

10. Make Snow Angels

11. Go Sledding

Read the Story of Jesus

The most important of all activities, I'd say. Teaching the little ones the "reason for the season" is oh so important in really showing them the meaning of Christmas. I think a deeper appreciation comes from reading the story of Jesus, & making all Christmas activities/celebrations surround Him. There are so many printables online too, that could offer fun visuals for the little ones to truly grasp the reading.

13. Write Letters to Santa

This is the perfect way to build excitement, as well as nurture decision-making & writing skills. Will they be naughty or nice? What are their top 3 gift requests? What is something they'd like to GIVE this year? Here is the template I saved on Pinterest.

14. Read a Christmas Book

15. Christmas Themed Crafts

We've done so many already just to make our little living space a little more cheery. Pinterest comes in handy for things like this so here's my toddler board where you'll find all the cutest holiday crafts that are easy, entertaining & can be done with simple household items you probably already have.

16. Take Family Holiday Pictures

What traditions do you have with your family?
Do we have any in common? Share them below!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

5 Easy Ways to Entertain Your Baby

As a mother of 3, some things come very naturally to me. Like changing diapers, playing barbies, picking up toys, & whipping my boob out to feed my baby. Ya know, normal everyday stuff. Other things, like THINKING CLEARLY, do not. Hashtag Am I Right, hashtag Mom Brain. So it actually did not surprise me that mom bloggers must compile a list of ways to keep our offspring entertained because when push comes to shove, we simply cannot think of such things on our own. Here we go:

*This post contains affiliate links to some of my favorite products. This means Ill receive a small comission if you purchase through this link, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for the support!*

1. Wear them
Wearing clean clothes is hard enough I know, but there's many benefits to wearing a baby.
- hides your clothes for the most part
- frees up your hands
- entertains baby!

At any age, your baby will love to watch everything you do, but this is especially perfect for newborns. Bryson is, in my loving opinion, too friggin' heavy to wear anymore. He's nearly 10 months old & 23 lbs, NO THANKS. But when I would wear him, it was great. This was the carrier we had (pictured) & it was my fave out of the 3 I had for each baby.
Wearing Bryson bonded us more because we were in such close contact, he was kept warm, sometimes that's when he'd nap the longest, & simple things like chopping food or folding laundry kept him stimulated. Especially if I was explaining everything like the colors, the taste, rubbing different clothing on him for some sensory exercise. I highly recommend doing this, it's so awesome to watch their little eyes light up while they're processing all this new info.

2. Keep It Simple
Don't forget that simple things like peek-a-boo, patty cake, & singing are all new for your baby, & do a good job at stimulating them. The app "The Wonder Weeks" is really helpful in explaining their "leaps" aka how your baby is developing, the attributing behaviors, & the best ways to help them learn. Right now, Bryson is beginning his 7th leap where he will learn the sequence of things! Your baby may only need tummy time right now, or your baby may be ready for story time. There's nothing wrong with setting out some Tupperware & plastic spoons to let them explore with, too! Use what ya got!

3.. Sensory Bottles
These are perfect little bottles of play that'll keep most babies occupied for a while! I just made these:
Bryson loves them! The best part is I got everything from Dollar Tree so they were extremely affordable to make. With them being so cheap to create, the possibilities are really endless. I plan on making him themed ones for major holidays, as well as color-themed ones!

4. Bath Time
Bryson absolutely loves bath time, especially now that he has learned what smacking the water will do: SPLASH! & lucky for us mommies, being in water is enough entertainment in itself, no matter the age! But to make it extra entertaining, try adding these Crayola Color Dropz to make the water a cool color. Even babies will be amazed! Throw in some of this bubble bath from Honest (& plastic measuring cups for older babies to play with). Play music from your phone!

5. Go for a Walk
This will be good for both of you, as there's nothing like fresh air. Your baby will love the view of the sky, clouds, birds. They'll get to feel the different sensations of being outside: warm or chilly weather, sunshine or easy breezes, etc. All of this is very entertaining for a baby & works their little brains. Even sitting on the grass waving flowers or leaves around, exposes them to new things.

Just keep in mind that all this stimulation will also tire baby out. Do one thing at a time so baby isn't overwhelmed & you find what works in keeping them happy & entertained :)

What other ways do you entertain your baby & how old are they?
Tell me in the comments!

Friday, July 13, 2018

My Pretty Women's Watch from JORD

So recently I realized that as a mom, I feel like I've lost my sense of style. Maybe I never had any, but I do miss dressing myself in outfits I thought were cute and accessorizing them. Recently, I was gifted a JORD watch out of their new Cora series and it sparked my need to accessorize all over again. Since being inspired by the watch..
Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How To Survive an Airplane Flight with Baby

Back in October 2014, my husband & I were still living in California. We decided to go up to Washington state to visit his family & have them finally meet Brooklyn. She was 5 months old at the time, so I was absolutely LOSING MY SH*T about taking her on a plane for almost 4 hours. But, it ended up being for nothing because she did GREAT. She didn't cry once & I have to partially give myself credit for that because I. was. preeepared.